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At Xtreme Diesel, we understand that your truck is more than just a vehicle—it's your trusted partner on the road. Whether you're hauling heavy loads or cruising for pleasure, our team of expert technicians is dedicated to keeping your diesel truck running at its best.

We specialize in complex repairs and performance upgrades, ensuring your truck can handle anything you throw at it. Join our community of satisfied customers who value reliability, power, and precision in every mile they drive.

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Visit one of the most specialized diesel repair shops in Northern California

Jason knows his stuff. Most honest guy, easy to talk to, gets prob fixed right; what more can I say.

I brought my diesel in and it was running like crap. By the time I got it back, it felt like new... Actually better than new because of a slight upgrade. It has never been so powerful and fun to drive!

Besides, it has to be a five star because he has tons of work and people who go to him, that's based on the fact that he's always got a full lot of vehicles for him to work on. But he moves through quickly; I never have a long turnover, and one of my issues was not so small.

Kyle E.

I just had my Cummings diesel repaired at xtreme diesel and could not be more satisfied. Jason is a very hard-working man and spent many hours diagnosing my problems. He was very fair with his prices and time.

I would never go anyplace else, if you want honest repair this is the place to go. As you probably know there are very few places to get diesel repair. The other company that's been in Chico for quite some time on Highway 99 has a very bad reputation. My personal experience with the other company motivated me to seek out a new repair facility. My grandson recommended xtreme diesel, he is much smarter than he looks.

Thanks Xtreme diesel - YOU ARE THE BEST!

Robert F.

I went to a few places both in Chico and Oroville to see how comfortable I felt with them and for quotes. The quotes for labor (I purchased the new muffler and exhaust brake myself) seemed so steep I was about to do the work myself... I called Aftershock Performance in Chico and they referred me to Jason at Xtreme Diesel. I called Jason then went in to briefly discuss what I was looking to have done. When I called, he came across a little hard to talk to. When I went in, he's just extremely quiet. But, after our short conversation, I got a better sense of him and felt I could trust him with my baby (truck). After 28 years in law enforcement, I don't do so easily. His price was EXTREMELY fair considering the outrageousness I was quoted by the other places. He's earned a customer here. Big shout out to Aftershock for their honesty and for the referral to Jason!

Mark C.

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